The Kaubamajakas gift card is the BEST GIFT for every occasion!

It’s the gift that never fails to please!
Check your gift card balance.

With a gift card, the receiver can choose his/her own present. They can choose the best gift and select to their own taste from Kaubamajakas’ extensive and always fashionable catalog.

A Gift Card is perfect for every special occasion, whether for a birthday, a jubilee, a housewarming, a wedding, a name day, the birth of a new child, a wedding anniversary, Valentine’s Day, Independence Day, Women’s Day, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Men’s Day, the first day of school, graduation, or any other red-letter day.

The gift to your loved ones, family, friends, co-workers, and to other people important to you.

Important notes regarding the Gift Card:

– The Gift Card is a valid means of payment in Kaubamajakas stores and service outlets
– A Gift Card is valid for one year from the time of activation.
– A Gift Card may be used in multiple outlets and services until the balance is 0.
– If the purchase price is less than the value of the gift card, the remaining sum is not convertible to cash or to any other form of tender.
– If the purchase price is greater than the value of the gift card, the remaining cost may be paid in cash or with credit/debit card.
– It is not possible to exchange a Gift Card for cash.
– A destroyed Gift Card cannot be applied to any Kaubamajakas purchase.
– Copying or otherwise replicating Gift Cards is prohibited.
– Kaubamajakas reserves the right to verify the validity of any Gift Card presented, and any forgeries will be confiscated.

The Gift Card is valid in the following stores and service outlets:

Apollo · BabyBack Ribs & BBQ · Baggage · Benu Apteek · Bio4You · Boost Juice Bar · Camel Active · Chopstics · Cropp · Da Vinci Pasta & Pizza · Denim Dream · Eagle Vision · Elisa · Euronics · Expert · Expressions · Goldtime · Goldtime Classic · Hesburger · Hyper Rimi · Ideaal Kosmeetika · Ingridi Lill · Jahipaun · Juku Mänguasjakeskus · Jysk · Klick · Koduekstra · Kohvilett · Kuld Artur · Laste Riidekapp · Lindex · Mosaic · Monton · Mustang · NS King · Oma ja Soe · Oomipood · Oscar Kodu ja Köök · Peccadello Cafe · Pereoptika · PesuAssortii · Rademar · Reserved · R-Kiosk · salon+ · SHU· Sushi de Luxe · Sokisahtel · STV · Tahkuranna Liha ja Suits · Takko · Tele 2 · Telia · The Bag · Triumph · Võtmed ja Kingsepp · Weekend · XS Mänguasjad

The Gift Card is not valid in the following stores and service outlets:

Swedbank · Eurex Valuutavahetus · Papiniidu Postipood · Viasat


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