• :EST Disain

    :EST Disain

    The :EST Disain store combines the product ranges of three Estonian brands – Marat, Sangar and W:EST Jeans. The store features a wide range of velvety dresses by Marat, formal attire and leisurewear by Sangar and products by Estonia’s own jeans brand W:EST Jeans.

  • Apollo


    In addition to monthly special offers, save 5% off of all your book and office-supply purchases by joining the Apollo customer rewards program.

    Kaubamajakas features Apollo’s newest location, where in addition to our wide selection of books, you will find a wealth of films, music, and electronic and board games.

    Apollo stores showcase practically all Estonian publishers, as well as several foreign publishers.

  • BabyBack Ribs & BBQ

    BabyBack Ribs & BBQ

    Baby Back is the first American-style family restaurant in Estonia, which offers delicious BBQ and a truly American atmosphere. You will be treated as a long-awaited guest.

  • Benu Apteek

    Benu Apteek

    An open and modern pharmacy, friendly and helpful pharmacists, health products, food supplements and other pharmaceutical products. Professional medication advice, blood pressure measurement as necessary. Blood sugar, cholesterol, and hemoglobin readings taken as staff is available. For advanced registration, call 4455915 or e-mail papiniidu@koduapdeek.ee. Measurement services are paid, with a maximum fee from €1 to €2.

  • Bio4You ökopood

    Bio4You ökopood

    Eco goods for the whole family. Organic food, pure, high-quality nutritional supplements and a wide selection of superfoods from Estonia, Italy, Germany, England and Sri Lanka.

    The best selection of eco-cosmetics from well-known local and foreign manufacturers. Body care products for both adults and the smallest in the family, aromatherapy, bath and spa products, natural hair dyes in a wide range of colors, herbal powders, butters, oils and flower waters for making your own cosmetics.

    Organic home cleaning products (you can also buy them in your own package!), hygiene items, candles, wooden handmade clocks for children.

  • Boost


    Boost is the world's largest juice and smoothie chain, which aims to provide you with fast, tasty and healthy food in a cup. All smoothies and juices are made from fresh fruit and do not contain any artificial additives, including sugar. The best part is that you don't have to sacrifice taste for a healthy diet. All juices and smoothies are not only nutritious, but also super delicious.

    Boost makes a healthy lifestyle easy!

  • Cafe Peccadello

    Cafe Peccadello

    Cafe Peccadello is a cosy eatery offering quality dishes. The menu has been put together considering different taste preferences. The cafe puts an emphasis on the lunch menu, confectionery and hand-made sweets. The characteristic colour of Cafe Peccadello is orange, which stimulates appetite and induces good thoughts. Everybody is welcome!

  • Camel Active

    Camel Active

    The Camel Active store offers clothes and shoes for active men and women who respect fashion, comfort and, above all, quality. The collections are designed with versatility in mind. Three styles are represented: city, travel and sports.

  • Charlot


    Charlot is specialized in selling top quality office supplies and office equipment. Our goal is to offer a varied product range, flexible pricing policy, loyal customer programme and exceptional customer service. Our services combine hard work, willingness to take action and high technology aimed at tackling new, exciting challenges.

  • Chopsticks


    Chopsticks is a fast food restaurant with a rich menu specialised in Chinese and Asian cuisine. All Chopsticks' dishes are prepared on the spot from fresh raw material. Here, you will find a versatile choice of delicious vegetarian and various meat dishes in both milder and spicier versions. The prices of Chopsticks' dishes are very reasonable with daily specials offers. You may enjoy the exotic food on the spot or use the courier service for home deliveries.

  • CityAlko


    You can find the best offers and a wide selection in the CityAlko store. CityAlko offers an informed customer a rich assortment, products are selected from all over the world with care and love. A high-quality taste experience and a pleasant shopping environment await you!

  • Coffee In – temporarily closed

    Coffee In – temporarily closed

  • Da Vinci Pasta & Pizza

    Da Vinci Pasta & Pizza

    Da Vinci Pasta and Pizza is a family restaurant in a fast casual style. It offers a wide selection of pastas, pizzas, salads, soups, appetizers and authentic hand-made Italian ice-cream.

  • Danija


    DANBALT INTERNATIONAL, which owns the DANIJA store, is the largest importer of footwear in the Baltics. The first Danija store was opened in 1993 in Vilnius. There are now a total of 40 Danija stores - 7 in Estonia, 8 in Latvia, 25 in Lithuania. In the store, you can find shoes from well-known brands such as Otre, Este, Lorenzo, Tommy Hilfiger, Bugatti, Gant, Vagabond, Puma, Rieker and much more.

  • Deichmann


    It started in 1913 in area of Essen-Borbeck, in the Germany’s. Heinrich Deichmann, born in 1888, opened a cobblers’ shop and ran it with his wife Julie. Two generations and almost a century later, the company has developed into Europe’s market leader. Deichmann is currently active in 30 countries with about 3,989 local shops and employs approximately 39,564 people. Now as always, Deichmann is a family business that believes in growing through its own resources. Heinrich Deichmann, born in 1962 and grandson of the company founder, came into the company in 1989. In 1999 he became head of the management board. Today he is the board chairman of Deichmann SE.

    Deichmann offers a large selection of shoe styles and brands for women, men and kids, as well as for sport. Our fashion scouts all over the world are always on the trail of the next upcoming trends. We don’t just want to sell great shoes at great prices; we also give our customers great service.

  • Denim Dream

    Denim Dream

    Importers of well-known brands including Tommy Hilfiger, Guess, Diesel, Desigual, Pepe Jeans, MCS, Pierre Cardin, Tom Tailor etc.

  • DPD Pickup

    DPD Pickup

    Pickup parcel locker offers the following services:
    *Sending parcels to Pickup points within the Baltics and by a courier all over Europe.
    *Receiving parcels at Pickup points.

  • Duckface resto

    Duckface resto

    DUCKFACE Ramen & Kebab is an Asian-European fusion-style dining restaurant with recipe inspirations from Asia, but we have mixed them with European cuisine and serving. On our cake shelf you will find delicious cakes and to accompany them, we will offer you a quality coffee drink made ofilly coffee beans. Our goal is to offer you a fast, affordable, stomach-filling, delicious food experience together with awarm service and a cozy atmosphere. Our restaurant can host 35 people. Welcome !

  • Eagle-Vision


    Eyeglasses, sunglasses, contact lenses, an optometrist, and eye doctor.

  • Elisa


    Elisa branches offer everything that you need for communication: price plans and Internet access for mobile phones and computers, as well as various additional services. We sell a wide range of mobile phones, tablets, other devices and accessories. Elisa now also offers exciting cable channel packages and TV sets. If you live in a place with no cable access, you can select Elisa’s wireless television and Internet options. Simple!

    Elisa brings great entertainment and fast Internet to you at any time, at any place and on any screen. Visit any Elisa branch and choose what excites you!

  • Eurexi Valuutavahetus

    Eurexi Valuutavahetus

    Currency exchange, cash withdrawals, foreign transfer services, investments in gold, counterfeit detection equipment.

  • Euronics


    Euronics has the largest storechain in homelectronics in Estonia and Europe. We have the newest technological solutions and the best selection of products in Estonia. To our loyal customers we are offering, in addition to new and innovative items, monthly discounts, different installment options, best price guarantee and device protection, 30-day product exchange, home deliveries and installations with professional technical support. In our shops, You can find all known (Samsung, Philips, Sony, Electrolux, Whirlpool, etc) and also exclusive (Apple, Liebherr, Beurer, ja Stollar) brands. In addition to our wide variety in shops, You are also welcome to visit our onlineshop at www.euronics.ee

  • Evelatus


    The company is best known in Latvia as a retail chain that offers a wide range of mobile phones and accessories. It produces high quality mobile phones and accessories of the Evelatus brand, as well as mobile phones manufactured by world-famous brands – Apple, Samsung, Xiaomi, Huawei, Nokia and others.

    The company was founded in 2005 and has been in the Latvian market for 15 years. Evelatus stores are located in all the best shopping centers in Latvia, as well in other European countries. Evelatus greatest value is the customer, so the company always takes care to make high quality products and offer best service to our customers.

  • Expert


    The role of technology is to make people's lives easier. This is the principle that also guides the world's largest chain of electronics stores, Expert. In a place where it is easy to find a suitable product among carefully preselected goods and it is easy to spot what you are looking for. Where the attendants help to understand even the most complex products. Where it's exciting to go through, easy to buy by installments if needed or to order goods at home.

  • Expressions


    Jewelry fashion, hair accessories, handbags, scarves, belts, etc.

  • Goldtime


    An abundance of jewelry and wristwatches.

  • hansmark



    Hansmark is an Estonian company that has been designing and sewing women's clothing for over 20 years. The aim is to provide a wide range of high quality clothing for women: dresses, pants, blouses, blazers, skirts, coats and jackets. Our store also offers clothing in larger sizes and for a wide variety of body types.

    Hansmark imports and resells other brands.
    Brands: Hansmark, Maglia

  • Hesburger


    A family restaurant. Offers a selection of delicious burgers, healthy salads, wraps, tortillas, cold drinks and crispy French fries. Desserts offered include soft-serve ice cream and sweet rolls.

  • Ideaal Kosmeetika

    Ideaal Kosmeetika

    In the Ideaal Kosmeetika store, you can find a large selection of perfumery, nail, hair and skin care products and accessories.

  • Ingridi Lill

    Ingridi Lill

    Houseplants, ceramics, glass, florist.

  • Instrumentarium


    Glasses, sunglasses, contact lenses. Eye examinations are performed by an optometrist.

  • Itella SmartPOST

    Itella SmartPOST

    The Itella SmartPOST self-service post and package services.

    Opening hours: 8 – 22
    Phone: +372 4354540
    E-mail: info@smartpost.ee
    Website: http://www.smartpost.ee
    Check on floorplan

  • Jahipaun


    Firearms, ammo, hunting and fishing gear, camping gear, optics, knives, pyrotechnics, airsoft guns, longbow and crossbow sales.

  • Jahonts


    The story of the company Jahonts started in Riga in 1993 as a small jewelry workshop, which later grew into the largest chain of jewelry stores in the Baltic States. Jahonts has been specializing in high-quality and stylish gold and silver jewelry for over 25 years.

    Wide variety
    People come here to find a special gift for a loved one, family members, close friends, colleagues or partners. The client is helped to choose a gift for a birthday, wedding anniversary, New Year and other holidays.

    A wide range of jewelery and accessories are offered. Gold and silver rings, earrings, bracelets, chains and pendants with diamonds and other precious stones are bought at Jahonts. We help you find a piece of jewelry that fits your style and taste and fits your budget.

    High quality
    Cooperation is carried out with reliable global manufacturers who ensure high quality of materials and products. Jahonts' experienced managers closely follow jewelry fashion and industry trends - they regularly visit the world's largest jewelry exhibitions, analyze the trends of the upcoming seasons, communicate with manufacturers, take into account the tastes of customers and select fresh collections.

    Jahonts has opened more than 50 stores in Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia, and their number continues to grow. Stores are opened in popular shopping centers, which saves customers time. For more convenient shopping, an online store was also launched, which offers express shipping all over the world.

  • Juku Mänguasjakeskus

  • Juustukuningad


    The Juustukungingad (Cheese Kings) shops offer a wide selection of cheeses – over 70 different types. You can taste any cheese in the shop. In addition to cheese the shop also provides various cheese accessories, for example, cheese sauces, jams and jellies, wines and beers, snacks, cheese knives, graters, etc. Wholesale, gift packages and orders: sales@juustukuningad.ee

  • Jysk


    JYSK is an international retail chain which has its roots in Denmark. In 1979. its owner and original founder dane Lars Larsen opened the first store. Jysk offers a wide and varied range of products, suitable for all seasons, everyday needs, and improvement of any room. Today JYSK is operating in 35 countries worldwide.
    In JYSK store you will find both indoor and outdoor furniture. There is a wide range of bed linen, high quality mattresses, pillows, duvets, and curtains. To create a special home atmosphere we offer to choose the necessary goods for home - various baskets, storage boxes, candles, vases, tableclothes, dishes etc.

  • kaubamajakas-kingitus.ee-logo



    Kingitus.ee gift shop offers a variety of exciting gifts for men and women to suit every taste and budget. Everyone will be able to choose something for themselves. In our gift shop you will find many good ideas on how to spend time with your loved ones. For example: skydiving, quest rooms, dinners, wine tastings, spa packages and much more. Our gift cards are practical, affordable, and you can personalize any of them with a personal message to the recipient. We offer over 1,000 gift cards that you can use right away.

  • Klick


    Klick is a consumer electronics retailer operating since 1996, offering clients the best choice of digital devices in 20 stores throughout Estonia. In Pärnu, you can find us on the 1st floor of Kaubamajakas shopping centre.

    Klick stores offer electronics, digital devices and also the most popular entertainment gadgets. From our wide product variety you can find laptops, smart phones, TVs, smart watches, electric scooters, hoverboards, drones, game consoles, and many more.

    We offer our clients newest technological solutions, give personal product recommendations and provide technical support. Hope to meet you at Pärnu Kaubamajakas! / Visit us at Pärnu Kaubamajakas!

  • Kuld Artur

    Kuld Artur

    Kuld Artur offers a wide range of silver and gold jewelry, engagement and wedding rings and watches.
    The following are represented:

    ✓ gold and silver jewelry: Damiani, Bliss, DIA, Estetika, Sokolov, Ti-Sento, Juveel , Beat of Love,
    Charlowe, Majorica

    ✓ watches: Armani, Henry London, Ted Paker, Police, Seiko, Lorus, Tissot, Casio, Q&Q, Rhythm

  • Laste Riidekapp

    Laste Riidekapp

    Laste Riidekapp offers a wide variety of well-known brands including Lenne, Huppa, Reima, PlayShoes, Me Too, CeLaVi, Lego and others.

  • Lindex


    Lindex is one of Europe's leading fashion chains, with approximately 480 stores in 17 markets. Lindex businesss concept is to offer inspiring and affordable fashion to the fashion conscious woman. The assortment includes several different concepts within women's wear, kids' wear, lingerie and cosmetics. More than half of Lindex total assortment is made of more sustainable sources and Lindex is dedicated to reach 80 % by year 2020. 'We Make Fashion Feel Good ' is Lindex communication concept which clearly express what Lindex do and stand for. Lindex is part of the Finnish-listed Stockmann group. More information is available at www.lindex.com

  • Matkasport


    MATKaSPORT is the largest chain of shops selling hiking equipment in Estonia. Everyone interested in nature can get advice on purchasing camping equipment, hiking clothes, and hiking shoes. From novice adventurers and forest walkers to mountain climbers all the way to old expedition hands. In addition to hikers and campers, also athletes practicing in nature can find the equipment they need in the shop.

    The family business was founded in 1996. Brands sold today have been innovators in their field for decades. Most of them pay a lot of attention to leaving a small ecological footprint in production and environmental protection, just like MATKaSPORT.

    In the MATKaSPORT store, you will find a wide selection of the world's best so-called outdoor brands such as Fjällräven, Jack Wolfskin, Keen, Ferrino, Vaude, Coleman, Icebug, LaSportiva, and others.
    Adventurous Pärnu customers are welcome to visit our shop in Kaubamajakas!

  • Mustang


    Jeans, trousers, t-shirts, shirts, sweaters, sweatshirts, jackets, pull-overs, skirts, dresses, tops, blouses, belts, handbags, footwear, socks, hats.

  • MyPet


    Mypet pet store is a store for those who appreciate quality and want to offer their pet only the best. When assembling the assortment, the principle is that only those products are sold that you want to offer to your favorites.

    In the selection you will find foods from such valued brands as Ziwi, Acana, Orijen, Natural Greatness, Platinum, Markus Mühle and others. Mypet is also known as a pet store with the best selection of raw food in Estonia. More than 10 different manufacturers are represented in the store, both from home and abroad, with more than 60 different products. In addition, here you will also find high-quality nutritional supplements that can be used to enrich the food table of your favorites on raw food, dry food, and home food. In addition to food, there is a selection of everything pets need, from natural treats to toys and high-quality braces and leashes.

    Of course, we also offer good advice and personal counseling to find the most suitable food or any other product for your pet.

  • MySushi


    MySushi opened its doors ten years ago and has grown into a reliable chain of restaurants thanks to the love of the chefs here for work and food. From the wide product range of MySushi, every visitor can find a sushi and poke bowl they like, made from the freshest ingredients and at affordable prices!

    More and more, the goal is to prepare dishes that are tasty for both vegans and vegetarians.
    In addition, you can also find a wide selection of wonderful desserts at MySushi. It's a great place to enjoy a cup of quality coffee and mouth-watering cake!

  • NS King

    NS King

    Kauplustes NS King leidub igas suuruses ja värvitoonis nahast ning tekstiilist, pidulikke, klassikalisi, aga ka ülimoodsaid jalatseid igale maitsele ja rahakotile.

  • Omniva24


    The cheapest, most innovative and convenient way to deliver parcels is from Omniva24 parcel machines.

    Opening hours: 24/7
    Phone: 661 6616
    E-mail: info@omniva.ee
    Website: https://www.omniva.ee
    Check on floorplan

  • Oomipood


    Oomipood is a retail chain that has been in business since 1995. Our goal is to offer everything that a company which produces or repairs electronics, an electronic enthusiast or an everyday user needs. From Oomipood you will find everything that surrounds home appliances - cables, plugs, antennas and remote controls as well as what's inside the appliances - fuses, transformers etc. Thanks to our wide product range, every tech enthusiast can find something for themselves.

  • Pärnu Hyper RIMI

    Pärnu Hyper RIMI

    Fresh produce, dry foods and cereals, drinks, alcohol, pet supplies, baby supplies, clothing, footwear, accessories, cosmetics, cleaning supplies, periodicals and other staples and manufactured goods.

  • Pepco


    PEPCO is a popular European retail chain offering clothing for the whole family and household products at low prices. Being closer to customers, by intensive expansion across Europe and extensive local chain of stores, and low prices, are key forces that make PEPCO brand well-known and loved by customers.

    PEPCO's mission is to provide customers with quality products at a low price, which will allow them to dress all family members, decorate and maintain their homes. Therefore, here you will find quality clothes and shoes for babies, children, teenagers, and adults. PEPCO stores also have a wide range of household products, which include home accessories, textiles, cooking supplements, and home care items. PEPCO pays great attention to the toy category, where you can find toys and educational products for children of different ages and interests.

    PEPCO is a chain of stores for the whole family, where every member of the family will find the right and favorite goods for themselves.

    PEPCO - feel the quality, love the prices!

  • Pere Optika

    Pere Optika

    Eyeglasses, sunglasses, contact lenses, prescription swimming goggles.

  • PetMarket


    Pet supplies - Sam´s Field, Carnilove, Brit, Trixie, Flexi, Vitagraft.

  • Premiere by Poldma

    Premiere by Poldma

    Premiere store is for everyone who appreciates quality and loves more classic fashion. Timeless classics from the fashion world such as Tommy Hilfiger, Brooks Brothers, Calvin Klein Womenswear & Menswear, Denim Dream are represented. Come and be a part of the designers creations, where the makers have put their soul and heart.

  • Rademar


    Rademar is a long-established Estonian family company that promotes a healthy and active lifestyle. It sets trends in its business sector by offering the best equipment for sports and active leisure time with the family. Rademar's main store in Pärnu is located in Kaubamajakas, where it offers, among other things, Trek, Kross and Le Grand bicycles and Fischer skis. In addition, Rademar provides bicycle and ski maintenance.

    Rademar's product range includes a wide range of products from the world's leading sports goods brands, such as: Nike, Adidas, Puma, Icepeak, Columbia, Didrikson, Five Seasons, EA7, Brunotti, Endurance, New Balance, Arena, Speedo, Asics, etc.

    Check out the selection of goods in the Rademar e-shop: www.rademar.ee
    Follow Rademar on social networks:
    - Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/rademar.ee/
    - Instagram: @rademar.ee, https://www.instagram.com/rademar.ee/
    - YouTube: Rademar Estonia, https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCpUC4V_ziIkiqs8glZqo9uQ

  • Salon+


    Women’s, men’s, and children’s hairdresser and hair-care products.

  • Sokisahtel


    Sokisahtel offers a wide selection of trendy hosiery and sock products. Passion, love and dedication are the secret of Sokisahtel's success and the driving force.

    Sokisahtel loves socks and wants to share that with its customers. Carefully selected design products speak for themselves.

    Come and find your new favorites in the Sokisahtel!

  • Sportland


    Sportswear and sports footwear, casual clothing and shoes, sports equipment, accessories.

  • Springfield


    Springfield is a brand for men and women. Both its casual side and its more formal side are for real people with an attitude in their daily lives. Springfield opts for sustainable development that meets current needs without compromising the needs of future generations with their RECONSIDER collection. In addition, with its ZERO GRAVITY collection, it strives for innovation in order to offer products that provide benefits such as flexibility, comfort and adaptability. At Springfield, you can find THE CASUAL CORNER, our iconic everyday garments to show yourself just as you are; THE COLLECTION, trendy touches full of colour and fashion details that make a difference and match perfectly with the rest our collections; and DAILY SMART, different styles for the same person that will make him or her successful in a work/after-work environment. Springfield always offers a style that is full of life, genuine and urban that can be worn on any occasion, adapting to your lifestyle with garments that let you feel good and comfortable. Springfield. As you live.

  • STV


    STV is one of the largest telecom companies in Estonia.

    The infrastructure of the company is based on modern technology.

    We offer our customers a wide range of contemporary services:

    *Digital TV
    *TV with recording and catch-up TV functions (interactive TV)
    *TV in smart devices
    *Home security service
    *Video surveillance

    Our range includes affordable and high-quality solutions. We are trusted by more than 100,000 families in Estonia.
    For more information on STV services, please visit our website www.stv.ee

    Opening hours: Mo-Fri: 10-18; Lunch break: 13-13.30; Sat-Sun: closed
    Phone: +372 688 0000 (Mon-Sun: 08-22)
    E-mail: kontakt@stv.ee
    Website: https://www.stv.ee
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  • Takko


    Takko Fashion – Casual. Stylish. Smart.

    From baby clothes and children`s fashion for the little ones to women`s and men`s clothing for the grown-ups: At Takko Fashion you will find the fashionable all-round carefree package for the whole family in almost 2000 stores in 17 European countries.

    With our wide-ranging assortment, we combine everything a fashion-loving heart desires: trendy highlights, casual basics, sporty, up-to-date everyday wear, plus-size fashion as well as lingerie and accessories.

    With the in-house designed collections, our customers not only wear great styles at attractive prices, but also resposibility: Our clothing meets high quality standards and through the cooperation with orgamisations such as Fair Wear Foundation and Better Cotton, we are commited to social responsibility and sustainability in the textile industry.

  • Tele2


    Services and mobile telephone sales from Tele2.

  • Teletec


    Services for mobile phones.

  • The Bag

    The Bag

    At The Bag, we carry over 500 different products in stock at all times. Available brands include: PEARL leather handbags; MASTER leather briefcases; CONFIDENCE leather wallets for men and women; ELSA WALLS, DANIEL RAY, and ZARM artificial leather wallets and handbags; CHARTERS, BAGGAGE, and DELSEY luggage, sports bags and backpacks; ENRICO BENETTI sports bags; and RAINFLOWER umbrellas.

  • Tom Tailor

    Tom Tailor

    Tom Tailor is designed for people who dress fashionably and feel well in the style they have established for themselves. The products of Tom Tailor focus on comfortable and stylish casual collections, in which jeans are just a part of the whole. The collections feature casual clothes for men, women and children as well as denims. Tom Tailor was established in Hamburg Germany in 1962 and the company is currently present in 35 countries.

  • Tommy Hilfiger

    Tommy Hilfiger

    Tommy Hilfiger is a unique and timeless brand and is well-known around the world. The store has a wide range of collections for both men and women. True Tommy Hilfiger brand lovers can find shoes, underwear, fragrances, glasses, watches and other accessories among our products.

  • Triumph


    For women and men: undergarments, nightwear, beachwear, tights, pantyhose, and socks.

  • Veipland | Alternatiiv tubakale

    Veipland | Alternatiiv tubakale

    Do you want to quit smoking, but haven’t been able to do it yet? In Veipland stores you will find large selection of less harmful alternatives to smoking, which have been proven to be the most effective measures for quitting smoking. All our sales consultants have strong knowledge of our portfolio and can advise you through quitting journey. You can always be sure, that you will receive comprehensive support and professional advice to quit smoking using a 95% less harmful alternative.
    Veipland stores offer efficient and high-quality alternatives to all tobacco products. Our portfolio includes e-cigarettes, vape liquids, nicotine pouches, heated products and tobacco-free hookah blends. We represent brands Nicorex, Skysmoke, ACE, STIX and much more.

  • Venipak


    Venipak is a rapidly developing and competitive international parcel company.
    Innovatively, a shipment can be removed from Venipak quickly and contactlessly using a QR code. The package can also be received with a PIN code.

    Opening hours: 24/7
    Phone: +372 641 4481
    Website: https://venipak.com/ee/
    Check on floorplan

  • Võtmete valmistamine

    Võtmete valmistamine

    Key-cutting services.

  • XS mänguasjad

    XS mänguasjad

    Free membership in our client rewards program with a chip-enabled ID card, earning a 5% discounts on all regular-price merchandise. • If the sum of all your purchases since joining the program exceeds €200, you are automatically granted a 10% discount on all regular-price merchandise.
    Children’s toys and supplies.

Benu Apteek mon-sun 9.00-20.00
CityAlko mon-sun 10.00-22.00
Ingridi Lill mon-sun 9.00-20.00
STV mo-fr 10.00-18.00; lunch 13.00-14.00; sat-sun closed
Eurex mo-fri 10.00-19.00; sat-sun 10.00-17.00

The centre’s opening hours on public holidays

01. january – closed
24. february – until 18.00
23. june – until 18.00
24. june – closed
20. august – 10.00-20.00
24. december – 10.00-18.00
25. december – closed
31. december – 10.00-18.00

1. may – closed
13.-27. may – closed
15.-28. july – closed
23. december – 10.00-15.00
26. december – closed

Benu Apteek mon-sun 9.00-20.00
CityAlko mon-sun 10.00-22.00
Ingridi Lill mon-sun 9.00-20.00
STV mo-fr 10.00-18.00; lunch 13.00-14.00; sat-sun closed
Eurex mo-fri 10.00-19.00; sat-sun 10.00-17.00

The centre’s opening hours on public holidays

01. january – closed
24. february – until 18.00
23. june – until 18.00
24. june – closed
20. august – 10.00-20.00
24. december – 10.00-18.00
25. december – closed
31. december – 10.00-18.00

24. december – 8.00-19.00
25. december – 10.00-20.00
26. december – 10.00-21.00
31. december – 8.00-20.00
01. january – 12.00-21.00

1. may – closed
15.-29. may – closed
17.-30. july – closed
23. december – 10.00-15.00
26. december – closed